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ITA 2021 Enrollment is Open…

Hey, it's André & Shawn…

Enrollment for Ideas to Assets is open. But more about that in a moment.

For thousands of years, across cultures and geography, small groups of people dedicated their lives searching for Arca Arcanorum — the Secret of Secrets.

In the West we called those seekers alchemists. Their search for wealth and vitality focused on a mythical substance called the Philosopher's Stone.

We can imagine those early alchemists working by candlelight, huddled over their primitive equipment trying to decipher arcane texts that promised immortality and a method for transmuting lead into gold.

Life is much different in 2021…

Our light-speed access to all of the world's information and relentless exponential technological progress have changed everything.

We're no longer using primitive tools in a search for one thing.

Instead, we're using increasingly sophisticated tools to filter out the overwhelm so we can focus on the few things that matter to us as creators and contributors.

Ideas to Assets is our instruction manual for modern digital alchemy.

We no longer have to turn base metals into physical gold. In an increasingly digital world, gold is all around us waiting to be transformed.

We know because we do it every day.

Ideas to Assets isn't for everyone. (We wish it were because the world needs more creators.)

ITA is best for three broad types of people we'll call:

  • Initiates,
  • Spectators,
  • and Digital Alchemists.

Initiates are early in their creative adventures and want to build a life-long, wealth and vitality producing creative practice from scratch.

If that's you, ITA can save you some of our 10-15 years of trial and error and fast-track your path to success.

Spectators love creativity so much they want to see how others do it. (We're creative spectators too — we can't get enough of seeing how other creators work.)

ITA is raw, unfiltered access to our individual and creative disciplines (and even our physical workspaces). It's intimate, personal, and informative. We didn't hold anything back.

If you like ‘looking over the shoulder creativity,' you'll love ITA.

Digital Alchemists are professional creators who are looking to “level up” their existing skills. Iron sharpens iron, as the saying goes.

If you're already a professional creator, meaning you have an audience who is paying for the assets you create, Ideas to Assets distills 40+ years of our collective insights and wisdom.

You'll see the big picture, the tools we use (and how we use them), and the subtle nuances that you can borrow, adapt, and make your own.

All ITA content — the 2019 masterclass version and the full 2021 update — is available immediately after purchase.

(We're closing the doors and turning off the lights at TLB next Friday, Dec. 3, so we recorded everything in advance.)

If you're an Initiate, Spectator, or Digital Alchemist, and Ideas to Assets feels like a “Hell Yeah!” to you, you'll find the order link below.

Enrollment closes at midnight PST on Monday (Nov 29, 2021). We don't know when enrollment for ITA will open again.

(If you already own the 2019 version you'll get the 2021 version — and all future updates for free. And, if you enroll in the 2021 version, you'll get access to all future updates for free as well.)

Hell Yeah I'm Interested in Ideas to Assets…

(Scroll down the page until you see the red order button, then click that.)

—Shawn & André

We'll be sending two more emails before enrollment closes on Monday.

Sunday's email is Creativity, Part III (the missing chapter from our two-part Emergent Marketing Newsletter series).

Monday's email will include a little something extra — our way of saying thanks for your attention during this enrollment. (And our way of making sure that no one goes away empty-handed. Ever.)

If you enroll in ITA today, you'll continue to receive both emails. We are hand-crafting each to be exceptionally valuable.