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I released the First Edition of AutoResponder Madness (ARM) back in 2009 as an experiment.

Between 2005 and 2009, I had developed a very different and unique email system that allowed me to rapidly bond and develop relationships with audiences who cared to hear from me.

The results I were getting were off the scale (one such weird story here).

Some close friends who I shared early results with, asked what the hell I was doing. So I privately shared the early macro-strategy with them.

It was then that I wondered if anyone else would be interested in learning the system I had developed from more than half a decade of operating in-the-trenches across multiple markets.

Hence the experiment in 2009.

I wanted to validate whether people would pay to learn this “weird” email marketing system of mine.

So I limited that first release to 100 copies to test the waters.

It sold out within an hour.

I released the Second Edition about a year later in 2010. That's when Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher (of Digital Marketer and Traffic & Conversion fame) invested in it:

Ryan loved the system so much that Digital Marketer executed it across their entire 8-figure business, across all their divisions:

Kudos from Ryan Deiss

On January 11, 2012, Jeff Walker became a customer. On March 29, 2013, Frank Kern became a customer. By that time we had thousands of happy customers.

To date, we've had more than 10,000 people go through ARM. Success stories are way into the multi-millions of dollars; probably hundreds of millions (note to self: I really should track this stuff better).

The current 3rd Edition has been mostly unchanged for the past five years.

When I first released ARM, the likes of Drip and ConvertKit (and even Infusionsoft) didn't exist. And the services that did, didn't offer the level of sophisticated marketing automation you see today as standard.

Shawn and I are working on the long-awaited Forth Edition now. It'll be ready in the summer of 2021 (current customers already have access to some of the new ARM4 modules and new customers will get access to all future updates for free).

If you have an enrollment question, use the comments here (will open in a new window). There's been a lot of questions since our Early Adopter enrollment back in April 2020, so take read first. Note: comments are from both SOI and ARM.

— Shawn Twing & André Chaperon

Shawn TwingAndré Chaperon


Below are a few testimonials and then a random sampling of 100s of unsolicited “kudos” I have about AutoResponder Madness that span years:

Kudos from George Bryant Brian Cassingena (from Mindvalley)

Carl Harvel (Mindvalley)

Jack Born (Deadline Funnel)

James Schramko (SuperFast Business)

Justin Brooke (Ad Skills)

Rusty Moore (Visual Impact Fitness)

AJ Silvers (IAKOM Dynamics)

Sam Cook (James Cook Media)

Sean Mysel (Freelance Copywriter)

Ryan Levesque (ASK Method)

Here's an audio of the conversation I had with Matt Gallant (after he had been through my email marketing training, ARM):

Matt Gallant

Below is Vishen Lakhiani, founder & CEO of Mindvalley. This was shot at their exclusive Zentrepreneur & AFest event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

Mike Kudos Kudos from Nicole Culver Kudos from Brian Cassingena Kudos from Sasha Walleczek

Here's Ryan Deiss live from stage at Traffic & Conversion (2012) talking about what he does to the emails he gets from my autoresponder 🙄

… and here's Perry Belcher live on stage (same T&C) reading a “Soap Opera Sequence” he had written in the Forex market after going through AutoResponder Madness:

I teach a unique methodology of using story-based email sequences to talk to (segments of) people in such a way — which is so relevant to them — that even when you promote something, they THANK YOU for sending them the promotion 😎

Some of these responses are below:

Promo kudos from Keith Promo kudos from Mark Promo kudos from Jan & Allen Promo kudos from Mick
Kudos from Charles Kirkland
“I consider AutoResponder Madness required reading for EVERY marketer who works under me…”

Vishen Lakhiani
There are only 2 courses I've recommended on Mindvalley Insights in the one year since we launched.

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula (an obvious choice) and Andre Chaperon's Autoresponder Madness.

I consider ARM required reading for EVERY marketer who works under me. It's brilliant in its simplicity and powerful in terms of the results I've seen.

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder & CEO, Mindvalley

Steven Resell's first try with ARM Promo kudos from Nick Chalker
“To do well with FB ads, you MUST send your leads into a funnel built on Andre's process…”
Curt Maly

I have personally spent over $4 million in Facebook ads sending traffic into sales funnels built around Andre's methods.

If you really want to do well with FB ads, you MUST send your leads into a funnel built around Andre's proven follow-up process.

–Curt Maly
(One of world's leading experts on Facebook advertising.)

Martin Messier Ross

And in some cases, even multi-millions, like when the folks over at Agora (a BILLION dollar a year digital publishing empire) got a hold of AutoResponder Madness and put it to immediate use:

“After reading Andre's course, we completely rewrote all of our autoresponder emails.”
Joe Schriefer

We all know the most exciting time of any relationship is the very beginning. Yet we often forget to focus on that critical time. Andre's AutoResponder Madness course changes that forever.

After reading Andre's course, we completely rewrote all of our autoresponder emails — using Andre's serialized story-driven email telling secrets as a blueprint.

Not only did we see higher sales, but we saw sustained higher open rates as well… with our readers writing back to us wanting more, more, more.

If you're looking to improve sales, build relationships that stick, and engage your audience with magnetic entertainment, you must pay attention to what Andre says.

Joe Schriefer
Publisher, Agora Financial

For the record, I wasn't at Traffic & Conversion Summit in 2012.

So it was a complete surprise when they endorsed ARM from stage. I knew something funky was up when some friends emailed me:

Costas Peppas Scott Marlow

Then a few days later, my buddy Seth hit me up:

Seth Ellsworth
“Andre's System Has Added Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars To My Bottom Line!”
Harlan Kilstein

When I first heard of Andre's AutoResponder Madness (ARM) system, I was annoyed. After all, what could a big famous copywriter like me learn about writing emails. After all, I was the expert.

Intermission: Time for me to eat humble pie.

After going through ARM I immediately saw the brilliance in it and began using it right away. Over the years, it has added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my bottom line.

The opportunity to be personally trained by the person who created the system should not be missed.

–Dr. Harlan Kilstein
Direct Response Copywriter

Email from Paul


Below is a thread I found on the Warrior Forum. Someone was asking for customer feedback on AutoResponder Madness:

“When I first tried Andre's strategies on a tiny “test” list of 70 people, I got 37 sales!”
Ran Aroussi

There are different ways to do make money from email lists, but Andre's is the only one that doesn't require you to have a huge “guru” list.

I'm constantly being able to get to top spots on the leaderboards of major product launches … and my list size is nowhere near the size of other names' on those lists.

There's no one else I would take advice from when it comes to autoresponders, other than Andre — his stuff is hypnotic.

— Ran Aroussi

“Don't make the mistake of thinking ARM is just another email marketing course — it's much more than that!”
Gary Booth

It teaches you how to really understand your customer, and how to use that knowledge to weave stories that will prove to be irresistible to your customers.

If you want to learn a way to really engage with your audience, so that they literally beg to buy stuff from you, ARM is the right course for you.

Despite what you probably see in your email inbox every day, internet marketing is rapidly moving away from the old-school, in-your-face, pressure-selling direct marketing techniques.

If you don't want to get left behind, I suggest you invest in ARM — you won't regret it!

–Gary Booth