Part 3: Strategy of Preeminence

Jay Abraham on strategy of preeminence

Back in 2004/5 I was exposed to a strategic philosophy called the Strategy of Preeminence by my mentor, Jay Abraham:

One thing in particular hit me hard, like a punch to the face.

An AHA that established a lens I've been looking through for over a decade now.

The strategy of preeminence presumes the attitude — that you look at everybody out there that you want to do business with — and that you make it a point of deciding you're not going to wait for money to change hands before you start contributing, guiding, counseling, advising, and protecting them.

The essence of the philosophy it that it's about establishing yourself from the very beginning as THE ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION; to a problem, a challenge, an issue, or an opportunity in their life.

Read that again. Let it sink in.

As simple as these reframes were, they caused a cataclysmic shift in how I thought and behaved.

And I'm forever grateful to Jay for this.

FUN FACT: Ten years later I finally got to speak to Jay on the phone.

I was at Rich Schefren's office in Delray Beach. Jay called Rich's mobile. Rich said to Jay, “Hold on, I have someone who wants to say hello,” then passed the phone to me. Oh wow! I thought.

We hit it off.

He asked if I could help his son out with email marketing. I said sure. And as a ‘thank you' Jay sent me a hard drive with all his paid seminars and trainings on it (multiple six figures worth of training).

HD from Jay Abraham

What a guy!

He walks the walk. And I've tried to do the same for the past decade.

Peter Drucker once famously said this:

Quote from Peter Drucker

And what I figured out was that I could use the Strategy of Preeminence as the underpinning framework (methodology) to engineer “influence.”

Influence that worked to make selling (completely) superfluous.

Back in around 2005 I was experimenting with different ways of implementing what I understood of Jay's Strategy of Preeminence. And one method that really “clicked” for me was what I called Presell Sites.

Every time I built one and put it in-front of an audience, they went nuts for more. It sucked them in (their attention), earning trust (through preeminence), and invisibly PULLED them towards me.

Reread that last bit that I've bolded.

Think about what that means.

invisibly PULLED them towards me.

Pulled. As in not PUSHED (read: not bribed or coerced).

I had figured out how to engineer influence, and I had figured out how to do it every time, predictably.

Each time I built a new Presell Site I iteratively learned something new. A nuance upgrade.

Here's an example of one such asset which I created back in 2011 (February 4th). And for over half a decade it's been funneling hyper-targeting people into our business:

Although that (presell) site DOESN'T SELL ANYTHING, it has directly resulted in multiple six-figures for us.

Let that sink in.

No selling. Nothing even for sale.

Yet it directly results in revenue later on:

Your marketing is impressive email from Seth Ellsworth

Let's talk about that a little more.



  1. There's an order of magnitude difference between “perceived value” and actual delivered value (being VALUABLE):
  2. * valuable (adjective): worth a great deal of money.
    * valuable (noun): a thing that is of great worth.

    In order for something to be VALUABLE it also needs to be EXECUTABLE (where a result can be generated).

    And launch content rarely ever is. It reveals the “what,” (the perceived value) but the “how” (the executable stuff) is as rare as a T-bone steak at a vegan convention.

  3. The essence of the Strategy of Preeminence is to establish yourself from the very beginning as THE ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION; to a problem, a challenge, an issue, or an opportunity in their life.
  4. Work to PULL the right people towards you (never push!). And then ignore *everyone* else.