Lesson 5 – Empathy-Driven Funnel

In Lesson 3 I described how Amy found a Medium article which led her to a website.

It's that website that sucked her in like the gravitational pull of a black hole.

The “glue” that connected the Medium article and the website was CONTEXT.

During the public opening of SOI back in February, I wrote a (pretty long) article about why it's so much better to use CONTEXT to create a lead-capture experience for the people we seek to serve.

I call these websites, multi-page presell sites (MPPS); which form the heartbeat and engine of SOI (Sphere of Influence):

SOI (Deconstructed)

… and they typically end with an opportunity for the reader to join an email list.

It's a simple concept.

A narrative-engine that leads with empathy, PULLING our best people — like Amy — through it and closer to us.

We opened up SOI to the public on February 1, 2018.

During the month of Feb people could invest in SOI for the special launch price of $485.

The special ended on March 1, when I took this screenshot:

As you can see above, our ENTIRE launch segment was really tiny.

Only 1,856 people in total. (Not the 10s of 1000s of people you get in your typical guru PLF launch.)

But here's the kicker:

Depending on the market, your typical sales letter converts anywhere between 0.5% to 5%.

The 5% end is almost always the handiwork of an expensive world-class copywriter.

Your typical PLF launch can up that to 10%, sometimes a little higher due to the hype and hoopla and social pressure that drive these product launches.

Neither lead with real empathy.

Those sales pages are only there to sell ya ASAP.

They're selling machines.

That's it.

They're not there to make friends and establish the start of a long-term relationship.

Of the 1,856 people who raised their hand to say they were interested in hearing more about SOI in February, 424 purchased.

That's a 22.8% conversion rate for a product costing near enough 500 bucks.

Yes, there was a deadline to get the special, but SOI wasn't pulled off the market on March 1st.

It has been available to buy ever since.

And the best part, SOI didn't need the typical “sales letter.”

There is none.

No sales letter.

Only a presell (MPPS).

With empathy and a relationship that came FIRST.

Think about that.

An evergreen business (as in: it's not a “launch model” driven business) that leads with empathy and built on a relationship.

It's the best business in the world.

It creates hordes of True Fans.

And you can do the same when you adopt this behavior.

We've already put more than 800 people through SOI.


—Andre “lead with empathy” Chaperon
Andre Chaperon