(Final Day!) Ideas to Assets Masterclass

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Today is the FINAL DAY to enroll (a few hours from now actually!).

If this training doesn't get turned into a full product at some point, this will be the only opportunity to gain access.

That said, Shawn and I want to be completely transparent. We hope that this training does evolve into a full course later in 2020 ($495).

The stuff we'll be unpacking is so freakin' powerful. If this does happen, all alumni will be grandfathered in for life at the low founder price ($225).

I feel we've said everything we can about what the Ideas to Assets masterclass will cover, and how it will impact you.

Here's the offer page:


You can access all previous emails from that page. The first three emails are a live journal of the work we did last week in NYC (tons of value in those emails!).

Here's a final word from Shawn before to wrap this last email up:

Shawn's note, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, 9:10 a.m.

I'll keep my thoughts brief too.

Bottom line – what André and I are creating with the Ideas to Assets masterclass is the course/training we wish we had a decade ago.

There's nothing like this available anywhere (I know because I've spent years turning over every stone looking for it).

Two weeks ago André and I asked: “what if?”

What if we could create a framework for creative work to make the process easier, faster, and more enjoyable?

What if we could create a method that combined our decades of experience into a method that would produce better results consistently for our clients?

What if we could capture all of that and teach it to others?
It's humbling and exhilarating to see what we've accomplished and what we're creating — for us and for you.

Re-read the emails and the course description. If it resonates with you — at all — I can confidently say that André and I are going to blow your minds.

Hope to see you on the inside…

Before I sign-off, I want to leave you with one final thought:

Better information is basically all people need to make better decisions and improve the quality of their lives (money, freedom, and health).

Although the context in which we'll be talking about creativity and turning ideas into assets, will be around business, the concepts are universal.

You'll pretty much be able to apply these meta-ideas to every aspect of your life.

—André (and Shawn)