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Here we are, the big day, Black Friday 2019.

As I write this email, it is Thursday at 8:34 pm…

Shawn and I have just returned from a Thanksgiving dinner at some (pretty good) Italian restaurant down the road from the hotel we're staying at (Luciano's).

Everything tonight is closed (probably why Luciano's was packed!).

Because I'm flying tomorrow (well, today for you), I'll be in the air when this email is (hopefully) scheduled to fire out.


We have (finally) given our masterclass a name, unofficially, anyway.

We're calling it: Ideas to Assets Masterclass.

A few hours ago, before heading out for dinner, we created a page that sums up the offer we've created:

We feel we've explained everything.

It should be clear enough.

Actually, to that point, if, after reading our offer page, you're still uncertain if this is for you, we want to make the decision easy for you…

Don't enroll.

We're not kidding. What we've created (or rather, will be formalizing) is something that is for someone who has a clear pull that this is TOTALLY FOR THEM!

Any other feeling, please, don't enroll in this.

Here you go:

I'll email again on Sunday, once back in Gibraltar (and after an 11-hour sleep!).

—André (and Shawn)

The previous three emails we sent during the week can be accessed from the link above.


I'm the handsome (almost) bald one on the right. Shawn is the ugly dude with the full head of hair (I'm in no way jealous, btw!)