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  • Immediate, lifetime access to The Modern Marketing System — our most comprehensive training system ever.
  • Ethical and customer-centric marketing strategies that lead to deeper customer relationships.
  • Instant access to the MMS Community forums where you can interact with other marketing pros and business owners.
  • Access to real-time examples and case studies where we analyze core principles in action.
  • Comprehensive reviews of sample campaigns to help you fine-tune your own marketing strategies.
  • “Forever relevant” marketing principles backed by more than 45 years of frontline digital marketing experience — no more worrying about outdated tactics.
  • A course structure where each lesson interlocks with the next, setting you on the path to complete marketing mastery.
  • Exclusive bonus masterclasses for more in-depth learning on each course topic.

Writing Masterclass: Vol. 2, Landing Pages


Tien Chiu

Weaving Instructor

“The Modern Marketing System has completely changed how I approach selling.

I have a six figure business teaching weaving online, and thanks to this course I've finally learned to build trust and to build relationships that are way more effective for selling than short term psychological high pressure tricks.

This course is comprehensive, it's ethical, and most importantly, it's effective.”

Francis Waldecker


“Shawn, you're one of my favorite people I've never met and have been a huge inspiration and influence along my marketing journey. I've read everything y'all have created or emailed me, and I think I've bought every produce you've put out (except one?). The concepts and frameworks you present should be standard education for anyone in marketing. You've ruined most other courses because they always feel like watered-down versions of the core concepts you teach. I'm so excited for what's next and can't wait to keep learning from you.”